Alot can happen with pen paper colours and paints! Drawing is art of giving wings to vision and imagination.

To draw is to produce the art. And producing an art is a rare talked, less walked journey because generally drawing is subject which is not bothered about, not thought about. But many main stream careers like fine arts, architecture, designing works on prospects of drawing.

Drawing shall be experience by all students to know the feel of being in touch with arts. And we will take care of students that they enjoy every moment of being artistic!

A specialized person having skills and vision of producing art will be in charge of this hub, and he will impart your kid’s chance of being in touch with process of being good at drawing.

Drawing Courses

Basic Drawing

Doodle art (3 types)

Geometric Drawings (3 types)

Drawing Techniques

Plate art – doodle (2 types)


Mug art- doodle (2 types)

Shading art (3 types)

Creative / Block prints (5 types)

Art & Craft

Well, definition of Art starts at creativity ends on execution. For one to be artistic one need to have keen vision, and for that guidance is must.

Because one can't be Arjun without Dhronacharya. Craft carries lot of efforts, and patience being crafty is not so handy, and one stop Lifeline could be to seek perfect learning about it, We under one roof are providing colour of art and craft along with many other colours, you don't need to rush at different places for gifting your child gift of creativity. Under experts and knowledgeable faculty interested candidates will get best knowledge, as well as useful, practical and effective way of execution of knowledge will be taught. Balancing art and craft along with analytical studies is necessary, not for marks but also for overall development of students.

Step into world of art and craft with us and strengthen your knowledge bank with our words, experience and dedication to serve everyone with best. We will make sure that under our guidance one shall start believing that `Knowledge is Power'.

Art & Craft Courses

Card making (5 types)

Hexagon Shelf

Tassel art (3 types)

Photographs (wall art ideas)- (2 types)

String art (2 types)

Paper quilling art (2 types)