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Scientific shop was initiated on 29 July 2015 by Mr Dipanshu Sekhani with concrete goal of making India technology friendly nation and mold students for better tomorrow.

To mold child isn't just responsibility of parents, teachers should equally contribute.' And when it comes to child's future, no parent would even think to compromise. So to build bridge between teacher's contributions and parent's desire of not compromising, scientific shop is actively working after students.

Scientific Shop is a unit that provides all the Science Materials under one roof. Materials includes Science Project making kits, Project Materials, Scientific Toys, etc. Scientific Shop is a way of transferring knowledge that is innovative and effective and have a positive impact both on universities and on the society. Scientific Shop is linked to institutes and school to help students for making projects and provide them all the materials they need in the Science Projects. Science Project Guidance for students is also given by us. This also provides a symbiotic relationship between Teacher and Student.

Thanks to our amazing customers and a top notch team, we now provide quality products nationwide through our online store! One of our greatest achievements has been providing children with educational lab andscience supplies, helping them explore the subject and excel academically!


Knowledge doesn't comes by seeing age or profession so any one eager to visit Vikram Sarabai Space Exhibition Centre can be part of visit, as well as we believe in encouraging enthusiasm hence each person being part of it shall be served with Certificate, Scientific Gift & Photograph.

Tour Highlights:

  1. 1. What is "Indian Space Research Organisation" – ISRO?
  2. 2. History of "Indian Space Research Organisation" – ISRO.
  3. 3. Centres of "Indian Space Research Organisation" – ISRO?
  4. 4. What can be the future of student at "Indian Space Research Organisation" – ISRO?
  5. 5. Why to make your vision for "Indian Space Research Organisation" – ISRO?
  6. 6. Who all can join and what is the correct path to fulfil your vision to be at "Indian Space Research Organisation" – ISRO?
  7. 7. Not only Scientist & Astronauts work there but you can join with any qualifications, how?
  8. 8. Different types of Rockets launched from "Indian Space Research Organisation" – ISRO?
  9. 9. Satellites launched till date and their workings.

We are also happy to announce that Photo Phactory Studios as Photography Partner, VibrantZone Multimedia as our Online/Offline Marketing Partner and The Last Tours and Travels as our Travel Partner are supporting us on this tour.

Every year we host visit, and this year let yourself be part of vision of Scientific Shop. We will be happy to attend telephonic conversation with you on 7226082727.

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Our Last Succesfull Trip

Science Express

Science Express is an innovative mobile science exhibition of Department of Science & Technology (DST), Govt. of India, mounted on a 16 coach AC train. With the objective of arousing interest of the young people in the field of science and technology, the exhibition on wheels – Science Express, was launched from Delhi Safdarjung Railway station on October 30, 2007. It is a mega outreach programme of DST, Govt. of India and is being managed by Vikram A Sarabhai Community Science Centre (VASCSC), since its inception in 2007. Till date, this unique mobile exhibition has completed its 8 phases which includes 4 phases of ‘Science Express’, 3 phases of ‘Biodiversity Special’ (SEBS) and one phase of ‘Climate Action Special’ (SECAS). So far, it has travelled 1,41,800 km, had 455 halts, and in 1602 exhibition days, more than 1.56 crore people, primarily students & teachers, have visited it. It has thus become the largest, the longest running and the most visited mobile science exhibition and has six entries in the Limca Book of Records.

From 2007 to 2011 the train travelled as 'Science Express’ displaying the world of micro and macro cosmos, spreading the awareness about strengths of science in meeting global challenges, including latest discoveries and innovations in the field of modern science. The coaches of Science Express were thematically represented on Bing Bang, Nanocosmos, Building Blocks of Life, From Gene to Organism, Architecture of Mind, World of Senses, Sensors, From Data to Knowledge, Global Challenges, Spaceship Earth, Our Home in the Cosmos and The Universe. It was a retreat for the visitors specially the students to know about cutting-edge science and technology through exhibits, models and audio-visual displays put up in the coaches of Science Express.

This tour is specially designed for the exploration of sudden change in our Climate. Our main attraction will be understanding the reasons, precautions to be taken & positive actions of this change. Tour is managed by highly professional management team of Scientific Shop with his visionary team leader Mr Dipanshu Sekhani (Science Activist / Innovator).

Our Last Succesfull Trip


Science Seminar is done by Scientific Shop to provide students a unique opportunity to use their scientific temperament and knowledge to make their own ideas come true .The State level Science Seminar is organized by us on yearly basis. The objective of the Science Seminar is to inculcate a spirit of scientific enquiry and analytical thinking in the minds of young students. The Science Seminar is held on a competitive basis in each State and Union Territory. Every year a theme is Chosen by us. The program offers courses in the life, Earth, and physical sciences. The courses are asynchronous, providing students with the flexibility to complete weekly activities at their own pace. The course format includes case studies, textbook readings, videos, interactive simulations, image galleries, and vibrant discussions that connect students to the Museum’s scientists, laboratories, expeditions, and specimens. Each course is co-taught by an experienced educator and research science activist in a manner consistent with the Next Generation Science Standards.

Work Shop

Our term time after school sessions help children to understand the world around them. We explore a wide variety of scientific topics across Chemistry, Biology and Physics which are linked to the National Curriculum and supplement STEM primary learning.

During each fun and educational weekly one hour session, children observe and exciting demonstration, enquire about the Science behind it and then engage in hands-on activity to confirm their findings. Parents also receive a topic sheet after every session telling them what their child has done and other experiment to continue the science at home.

Our sessions are designed to inspire children of all abilities to have a love of Science both in and out of school.

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