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"To set an example for others, be different from others"


Where students can enhance their practical skills & learn theoretical knowledge.

The education institute, Scientific shop was initiated on29 July 2015 with concrete goal of making India technology friendly nation and mold students for better tomorrow.

To mold child isn't just responsibility of parents, teachers should equally contribute.' And when it comes to child's future, no parent would even think to compromise. So to build bridge between teacher's contributions and parent's desire of not compromising, scientific shop is actively working after students.

Education Hub

Being educated is crucial or being well educated is crucial? Thin line of difference is due to process of acquiring knowledge and execution of knowledge. While seeking education only chapters of book doesn't serves purpose. Who to relate them how to apply it all is part of being educated.

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Language Hub

One should know at least 3 languages to communicate well. Mother tongue, National language, International language. Knowing language well doesn't means to just know basic speaking or writing.

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Science Hub

It's not just a subject, it's all together a different world. It's a wide ocean and for a student, science is not meant to learn, knowledge of science is to be treasured for lifetime. Well, Science has endless concepts and logics and facts to be understood. And sometimes if students don't understand those aspects correctly or in depth them they fail to execute it well.

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Mathematics Hub

Be calculative! Well every moment of life is can be balanced if one works being calculative and yes the path starts with holding command on digits. To play with digits isn't so easy and when it comes to Maths, students are most worried about it because Maths needs all together a different aspect to understand and for that Vedic Maths can play the best card. Not just for primary education but at every point of time if you have Maths as your strength factor, the path becomes easy to understand, goal becomes easier to achieve.

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Creative Hub

Alot can happen with pen paper colours and paints! Drawing is art of giving wings to vision and imagination. To draw is to produce the art. And producing an art is a rare talked, less walked journey because generally drawing is subject which is not bothered about, not thought about. But many main stream careers like fine arts, architecture, designing works on prospects of drawing.

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Computer Hub

Technology has now entered door steps but it's not so that everyone is technically well aware or technology friendly. And now if one doesn't works with the trend one will be left behind in league of winning the world. Knowing computer usage or holding basic knowledge about it is expected from 4th class students so now one to be very cautious about their take steps along with the trend or not. Computers are now part of basic need and hence acquiring knowledge is must along with schooling education moreover it has become part of schooling education.

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Robotics Hub

Well, knowing the world of science has plenty of inventions. Those inventions which are not just used in laboratory but also in day to day life. Without such scientific inventions to large extent it was possible that life would have been to different frame of reality. Well, now when we have been blessed with so many inventions, being aware about its functions, staying updated is must.

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Dance Hub

Dancer at every moment lives in world of rhythm because they can live love and understand rhythm. And more over that dance is for sure one of the best exercise. Out of kid's hectic schedule if they get chance to rejoice music it will be moment to make your kid mental and physically both way enjoy each second of that hour. Gift your child the art of being rhythmic being Dancer with best choreographer. Those who will be part of it we assure for them, expiernce will be `Dancing

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This tour is specially designed for the exploration of sudden change in our Climate. Our main attraction will be understanding the reasons, precautions to be taken & positive actions of this change. Tour is managed by highly professional management team of Scientific Shop with his visionary team leader Mr. Dipanshu Sekhani (Science Activist / Innovator).

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